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Design is the most important criterion in the development of effective Health and Social Care e-learning.

  • Technical Design – it has to work on your I.T. infrastructure
  • Instructional Design – it must be appropriate to the type of learner, their needs, and skills
  • Business Design – training outcomes must be aligned with the strategic goals of the organisation
  • Accessible – to comply with the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act

Properly designed e-learning solutions and blended learning can make a major contribution to Health and Social Care training strategies and be very cost-effective.

However, a combination of skills is needed by your e-learning developers, requiring an understanding of:

  • Training
  • Technology
  • Your Business
  • Subject Matter

kwango combines these skills as e-learning developers and suppliers to the Health, Social Care and related market sectors.

Spend some time on Internet search engines or look at our e-learning course list and you will see for yourself – there aren’t that many e-learning companies like us around!

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