Hidden Harm E-Learning Course

Our Hidden Harm e-learning course aims to help you understand the serious impact of a parent’s problem drug use on their children’s health and well-being, the needs of these children and how they can be best supported and protected.

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Hidden Harm Aims

A parent’s problem drug and alcohol use can have a serious impact on the children in terms of whether they can achieve any or all of the five guiding principles from the ‘Every Child Matters’ national vision and the government's emphasis in 2011 / 12 on children being helped to achieve more.

Adult as well as Children’s Services have a legal duty to see the child’s needs as paramount and by working together, they can take practical steps to protect and improve the health and well-being of children affected by parental problem drug use.

Hidden Harm E-Learning Objectives

Hidden Harm e-learning is an awareness level programme designed to help practitioners in Children’s and Adult Services, Health, Education and the private, voluntary and independent sectors to understand the:

  • Impact of parents’ problem drug use on children
  • Impact of parents’ problem alcohol use on children
  • Needs of the children of problem drug users
  • Nature and scope of the Hidden Harm agenda
  • Range of service provision for children of problem drug users
  • Importance of integrated working for problem drug-using parents and their families
  • Ways that professional can support children

Hidden Harm E-Learning Course Content

The Hidden Harm e-learning course includes:

  • The background to Hidden Harm
  • Impact of Parental Problem Drug and Alcohol Use
  • Parent’s and Children’s Views
  • Safeguarding: Child Protection and Welfare
  • Supporting Children of Problem Drug Users
  • What Professionals can do to help
  • Ask us about our Hidden Harm e-learning course
Ask us about our Hidden Harm course