Early Help Assessment (CAF)

Early Help Assessment E-Learning (CAF) Course is designed to provide multi-agency staff with an understanding of what the assessment aims to achieve, when to carry one out and how to complete a good one.

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Early Help Assessment E-Learning Aims

Early Help Assessment (EHA) is a revision of the Common Assessment Form (CAF), a shared assessment and planning framework for use across all Children’s Services throughout England. It is used for children and young adults who need to access specialist services in addition to the universal services of education and healthcare.

EHA principles remain the same as CAF and it promotes the involvement of the children and families or carers in agreeing what positive change is required.
There are four elements to EHA:

  • A pre-assessment checklist. This is used to make a judgement about whether a child has unmet needs.
  • The Early Help Assessment process. This gathers information needed to gain an accurate picture of the child’s needs and strengths.
  • The provision of services. This is the means by which identified needs are met.
  • A review of progress. This determines whether the service provided continues to meet need and when they are no longer required.

The EHA process should make it easier for support to be provided as early and effectively as possible.

Early Help Assessment E-Learning Objectives

Early Help Assessment E-Learning is designed for practitioners working in Children’s Social Care, Education, Childcare, Health, Police, Youth Services and other agencies concerned with the welfare of children and young people. It should:

  • Enable practitioners to identify children and young people with additional needs early and so help them before things reach crisis point
  • Provide an assessment framework which is available to the whole of the children’s workforce
  • Improve joint working and communication
  • Support information sharing
  • Make assessments more consistent
  • Reduce the number of assessments carried out on children
  • Improve relationships between practitioners and children, young people and their families

Early Help Assessment E-Learning Course Content

Early Help Assessment E-learning course includes:

  • Introduction & Background
  • Key principles
  • Levels of Need
  • When to assess
  • Lead Professional
  • Information Sharing
  • Doing it Well
  • Current Research & Practice
  • Case Studies
  • Final Quiz
  • Further Information
Ask us about our Early Help Assessment (CAF) course

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