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As our customers have found, working with kwango gives you access to our team of experienced trainers and consultants. But what makes us different?

Award Winning E-Learning

We are the first Social Care E-Learning provider in England to receive the Skills Academy Excellence Award for our E-Learning Programmes. This endorsement provides you with the guarantee that you will be receiving the best possible training and that you will be investing wisely in developing your staff.

E-learning developers

At kwango we create compelling e-learning solutions, tailored to the needs of your organisation, for skills and knowledge transfer or as part of blended learning combined with face-to-face training.

However, we never forget that technology is just a means to an end. Our goal is quite simple – to improve the performance of your people and your organisation.


Our team is experienced in working with both public and private sector organisations, large and small. We recognise that we need to understand your needs and your training requirements before we can deliver the goods.

Whether you're looking for off the shelf courses, or bespoke e-learning development, you'll be working with people who understand your business needs.

Commercial Awareness

Why work with kwango as an external supplier? Why not develop your e-learning in-house? Two reasons:

  • Nobody can be an expert in everything
  • Because we strive to deliver better, faster and cheaper than anyone else

Accessibility and Availability

Accessibility and Availability are key to Kwango's mission. We comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to at least AA Standard. All our courses are fully accessible and allow learners with visual impairments for example, to navigate with ease through every element of the course.

Features include keyboard operation for those learners who have difficulty using a mouse; built-in screen magnifier; selectable font size and narration of all the text content, tooltips and controls. All Kwango courses can be delivered via the Internet, Intranet, network, DVD, CD, workbook or Learning Management System (LMS), making them fully available to everyone.

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