Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the typical questions asked on our Technical Support helpline.

I don't have an Organisation code

You will need to contact the Training Manager or Department in your organisation (Local Authority, Health Authority, County Council, etc.). If they are licensed to use Kwango they will be able to provide you with either a group user name and password or an organisation code which will allow you to create your own account on Kwango.

I don't have a printer

The certificate at the end of the Final Quiz can only be printed (not saved). If you don't have a physical printer, you can download one of a number of virtual printers available free on the Internet. This will allow you to print to a PDF or other format file, which you can then copy or e-mail elsewhere to be printed. Note that Windows 7 has the Microsoft XPS virtual printer built-in. Alternatively, if you have an individual (not group) user name, you should be able to save or reprint the certificate when you next log in, as long as you have clicked on the Print button after successfully completing the quiz.

I've lost my certificate

If you have an individual user name, you should be able to reprint the certificate by clicking on the 'Reprint Certificate' button which will appear next to the 'Launch Course' button after you log in to Kwango. If this button is not shown, or you have a group username (also used by others), you will need to use the course menu to go to the Final Quiz, which you must then do again and then print the certificate.

My user name no longer works

The user name you have used previously may have been discontinued. This can happen if your authority upgrades the course or otherwise rearranges training groups. Please contact the Training Manager or Department in your organisation for updated login details.

I've forgotten my password

Use the 'Forgotten your password?' link on the main homepage.

I've used the Forgotten Password link but nothing has been received

The automated e-mail sent by Kwango may have been blocked by your company's anti-spam filter or firewall. Check your junk mail before contacting Kwango.

I'm having problems running the course on my iPad

Kwango courses need Adobe Flash Player, which isn't officially supported on the iPad (although there may be 3rd-party emulators available). We would advise using a different computer.

The quiz finishes after only a few questions

With our old-style courses (blue and white colour scheme in a small window) you must click on the 'Next Question' button between questions. On a slow browser, this can sometimes take a couple of seconds to display. Don't click on the 'Next Page' button, as this will take you out of the quiz. Also, at the end of the quiz there is a similar 'Finish Quiz' button. Don't click on 'Next Page' until you have printed the certificate. On our later courses (silver background) there is a warning message if you are about to leave the quiz.

How do I go back to where I was when I had to stop?

If you have an individual user name, you will be prompted to return to the last page visited or restart the course. Otherwise, use the course menu (by clicking the icon at the bottom of the window) to go directly to the relevant chapter.

My computer crashed part way through the course

After re-launching the course, use the course menu (by clicking the icon at the bottom of the window) to go directly to the relevant chapter.

I have a visual impairment

All Kwango courses are fully narrated. There is also a choice of three colour schemes (normal black on white, high contrast yellow on black, inverse white on black) and the option of a large font. Click on the 'Settings' icon at the bottom of the window to change these options.

I can't see the bottom of the Kwango course window

Try pressing F11. This will hide the lines at the top of the window which show the address field, menu bar, etc. so you can see more content. Press F11 again to display these lines again.

When I launch the course, the window is blank

Check that you have Flash Player installed, and that it is version 10 or later. The Kwango homepage displays information about Flash Player, and shows whether an update is required. This is on the right-hand side, just below the User Login section. Alternatively, pressing Shift-D from the course window will display diagnostic information including relevant versions.

When doing the Quiz, I am unable to select multiple answers

Click on the 'Settings' icon at the bottom of the window. Ensure that one of the colour schemes (usually Default) is selected. (Some of our courses have lost this setting when being hosted by other organisations' Learning Management Systems).

The course I want to do is not listed when I log in to Kwango

Contact the Training Manager or Department in your organisation. It may be that other courses are available using different login details, or else the organisation might not currently license the course you need, but may be able to add it to their existing licence.

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